Zachary McCrae

Zachary McCrae

Western Historical Adventure Author

Amazon Best Selling Author

Hi, I'm Zachary!

“I think of myself as a Colorado born and bred man, the type of guy who wakes up at 5.30 to catch the sunrise, drink strong coffee, tend to his animals and land and complete his day by writing at dusk. A lone wolf with Scottish ancestry who leads the Western lifestyle to write adventure stories.”

Zachary McCrae was born and raised in Colorado, in a north city overlooking the Rockies. When he was sixteen, he abandoned his state, scarred by the death of his parents in a hit and run. He moved east and worked as a shoemaker, a plumber, a woodcutter and even an ironworker, among other things. When he turned twenty-two, he decided to study at college so, with the money he had gathered for himself, he went all the way to South Carolina, where he reunited with long-lost Scottish cousins and studied English language and literature—his passion.

At the age of thirty, he decided to stay with his wife, his Southern belle named Maryanne, and newborn twins in a small ranch just outside Anderson county. He served as a member in the local church community while writing down Christian stories of ranchers travelling West to make ends meet in the 1800s for fun. At the age of 50, and after his son and daughter moved away to pursue their own careers and studies, he decided with Maryanne to renovate his father’s ranch and leave as plain as possible.

The Rockies were calling him back home. Shortly after, he decided to start tending to the land, like his mom did, and having his own animals, like his dad did. Some years later, and after lots of health issues, he finally decided to tend to his personal dream—become a writer of Western Adventure stories.

 Zachary Mc Crae is an adventurous soul but with the strong will of a bull and the level-headedness of his favorite mare. If you’re looking for your next favorite western writer, who reads Louis L’ Amour and Zane Grey in his free time, follow Mr. Mc Crae’s writing journey into the wild wild West!

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